The ALIKA company was established in march 1992 by ing Jana Kremlova and her husband Pavel Kremla. Firstly they wanted to produce coffee for the region Prostejov. The production began in october 1992 with annual month earn of 80 000 Kc and without any employee. After some time, two women were employed and the production extended for roasted peanuts.


In 1994 the company moved in a new building in Celechovice na Hane, where in 1994 the high capacity production line started to work. The number of employees increased by 12.


In 1995 the company specialized on dry fruits - pistachios, cashews, almonds, … Number of employees reached 16.


In 1996 the company bought the buildings in which it was. After a reconstruction, the front building was used as an administrative department.


In 1997 another extension was made. Because of lack of storehouses another two buildings were built. The annual earnings reached 55 mil. Kc with an international increase of 15%.


In 1998 was the company well known in its country. Abroad about 20% of the production was sold. Production was improved by an american type of roasting in a hot oil. The products were sold in Kaufland and also in Makro CR.


In 1999 two another storehouses were built in CR - one in Prague, the second one in Teplice. Products were sold under the sign of TESCO CR and TESCO SR. Also special products for MAKRO CR underthe sign of ARO were produced.

In 2000 began the expedition to Slovakia through a company called ZENIT Slovakia s.r.o. Bratislava. Number of employees was 30 and one third worked in the administrative department.


In 2001 a new production building started to work in Smrzice and also a storehouse in Prague was built. During the Christmas time the number of employees reached 60. The company got a certificate HACCP from a british company CMI. The production again increased by 15%. In Slovakia started a doughter company ALIKA Slovakia s.r.o. in Trencin. Products were sold also in Metro SK and TESCO SK.


The year 2002 was a year of floods. All houses in Prague in which the company worked were under the water. But Alika as the whole worked and distributed its products wthout any bigger problems. In October the administrative department in Prague moved on a new address in Prague 6- Sedlec. Systém of controlling the quality of the company was certificated by ISO 9002. Selling in Slovakia increased by Carrefour SK.


During 2003 was ALIKA a.s. the biggest producer of roasting nuts in Czech republic. In Alika is working almost 100 employers. In July were meetings about new export to Slovenia.


In the beginning of year 2004 Alika started a reconstruction of new buildings in Celcice because of organization reasons. In April both factories /Smrzice and Celechovice/ moved to new bigger factory in Celcice. Alika was certificated by ISO 14001:1996 and ISO 9001:2000 by German company TUV. From May are the products selling also in Slovenia, in Interspar. During September ALIKA a.s. was certificated by Makro/Metro Czech republic by company Quality food for product with private label. In this time Alika supplies to all of international supermarkets and hypermarkets in Czech republic.


2005 ALIKA a.s. buyed new area and consolidated production halls in Čelčice, final building approval and certification of new production hall.


2006 ALIKA a.s. purchased a part of the company ATOS BOHEMIA, included new brands in the product portfolio. Certification HACCP.


2007 certification BRC, IFS, BIO. Production of vakuo tins KK. Sale was extend with itinerant trade.

2008 ALIKA bought new technology for frying chips under the brand ARADO

2009 ALIKA build separate warehouses for raw material, packaging and ready products.


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Published date: Dec 13, 2011

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